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Commercial / Industrial Pavement Maintenance

Commercial Pavement MaintenanceWe are the Asphalt Pavement Maintenance experts for Businesses throughout the Greater Columbus Area!

Black Diamond Asphalt Sealing has served commercial & industrial businesses in the metro Columbus area for over 31 years. The many businesses we have served include retail stores, home owners associations, churches, office and industrial parks, apartments, condos and many more. We specialize in performing long term maintenance and repair services to help extend the life of asphalt pavements for many years beyond its normal life span.

Black Diamond Asphalt Sealing is the Columbus pavement maintenance expert for any sized business or commercial property. 

Applying a high quality asphalt sealer will not only beautify your property, but can also double the life of your pavement when applied early in its life cycle. Asphalt sealers protect your pavement investment from the harsh elements of mother nature and chemicals left behind by vehicles. A regular asphalt maintenance program that includes sealcoating is the best way to avoid expensive repairs due to premature pavement failures. We offer the complete range of asphalt services necessary to keep your pavement in peak condition.

Don’t delay in protecting your asphalt investment with an regular asphalt maintenance plan from Black Diamond Asphalt Sealing. We can preserve and protect your parking lot or drive from the natural effects of time and man made chemicals. Call on Black Diamond Asphalt sealing for all of your pavement maintenance in the Columbus area. We serve the entire metro Columbus area including Grove City.

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