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Snow Plowing

Snow Plowing Columbus OHBlack Diamond snow plowing service can help keep your parking lot or drive open and your business thriving!

On average, Columbus Ohio gets 27.5 inches of snow every year. Some days, as much as 10 inches accumulate on the ground. Excessive snow depth can cause commute delays, traffic accidents and disrupt your daily business operations. In order to prevent the undesirable effects of snow pile-up on your property, it’s necessary to remove snow before it becomes a problem.

If you own a home or a commercial establishment, snow plowing can encourage a safe environment on your property, and save you from unsafe winter conditions and liability.

Black Diamond Asphalt Sealing, Inc. provides snow removal services to churches, homeowner’s associations, retail stores, and other facilities in the Columbus, Ohio area. With our many years of experience, we will tackle your property’s ice and snow accumulation quickly and efficiently.

Contact us today to inquire about our snow plowing services in Columbus, OH. Call 614-875-3900 or fill out the Free Job Quote form. We also service Grove City, OH.